Couches for the Treffpunkt

With the renovation of building 10 we unfortunately also lost our HSV office in March 2019, so we were allowed to move to the meeting place. There we noticed how uninviting the whole room seemed, not least because of the spartan and partly broken furniture. We took this as an opportunity to upgrade the whole room massively. For this purpose we submitted a list of sofas to the StuWe, which were prfectly suited for the room. These were already approved in April. Besides, the old dart board as well as the kicker were replaced by newer and better versions. Only seven months later StuWe succeeded in ordering the sofas. Together with the construction of the sofas we also hung up the posters for several old Karlshof parties, dating back to 1983.

Just come and see for yourself - the Treffpunkt is open Mon - Fri from 17.00 - 22.00 o’clock.

Published: 15.12.2019, 15:00
Author: Tim
Tags: Treffpunkt