Events early 2020

We are planning some events again and you are all invited. Of course the food and soft drinks are free of charge. All alcoholic beverages will be served as usual at student-friendly prices.

On 30.1 we start with a bar evening. As a snack on the side we have pizza, only while stocks last, so you might not want to come with an empty stomach ;).

On 13.2 we will continue with a cooking evening with spaghetti bolognese, here we will prepare sufficient quantities to feed you all.

On 12.3 there will be another cooking evening, but the food here is not fixed yet, we are open for your suggestions.

On 2.4 the next bar evening will take place at the Treffpunkt. We will set up our “small” sound system and are going to mix some cocktails for you again.

On the 23.4 we will turn up the heat again with the Welcome Party. Several DJs will be waiting for you in the Zentrum and in the Treffpunkt there will be cocktails and beer pong tables in a more relaxed atmosphere.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our events.

Published: 20.01.2020, 21:07
Author: HSV
Tags: Veranstaltungen