The Karlshof is one of 14 student homes run by the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt. With almost 1000 tenants it is one of the largest student homes in Germany and contributes about one third of all the inhabitants in the Studierendenwerk student homes. The Karlshof isn’t just one big building, it is actually a huge complex of 5 buildings reaching from Alfred-Messel-Weg 4 to 10D with buildings towering up to 15 stories high. All the shared apartments of one story are connected by the Laubengang an outdoor walkway that runs across the entire side of the building. This in connection with the large glass windows creates a really unique atmosphere and especially in the warmer months gives the feeling that the Karlshof buzzes with life and never sleeps. The Karlshof is over 40 years old and known throughout the whole city. Every year it brings together hundreds of people from the whole town for its well known summer festival Karlshoffest.