Every room has its own Internet connection (via LAN-port) and its own static IP-address. The Karlshof is connected to the University-Network via a 1GBit/sec Connection.


The port in your room is always directly connected to the internet! Every machine you connect is reachable from anywhere so be careful. If you buy a router the firewall is usually already set up by the manufacturer. If you connect your computer directly to the port you have to make sure your firewall is configured properly because some things like a media server are usually open to the local network which in your case would be all your neighbors.

Traffic Limit

In the official contract it is stated that the internet traffic is limited to 120GB per month. If you used up the 120GB you can no longer access the Internet except for websites by the Universities (TU and h_da). You cannot buy more traffic volume or get a third party internet contract.

How much of your traffic you used up you can see here. The entry Quota is the maximum you can use per month ;)


In principle you can use any router (not Access-Point, Hot-spot etc.) with a WAN port (in many models its colored blue). The only exception are branded DSL-routers by Internet-Providers. These usually also have a WAN port but most of the time it is deactivated via the software.

If you’re buying a router, keep in mind that most models have little to no difference. The most important differences are the speed of the LAN ports (100MBit/sec or 1GBit/sec) and the ability for 2.4GHz Wifi or 5GHz Wifi. Anything more than that is probably unnecessary stuff you won’t need anyway. Here are some examples for usable routers: TP-Link TL-WR841N (100MBit/sec, 2.4GHz) or Asus RT-AC53 (1GBit/sec, 2.4 and 5GHz)

And how do I get wifi?

In every room there is a network socket with 2 ports, but only the left one is functional. Connect the WAN port (mostly blue) with the left port in the wall. If you happen to live in one of the family flats please connect the router in room 1. Now your internet connection has to be activated. To make that happen pls write an email to including your VO-number which you can find under §1 in your rental contract. As soon as you got an answer back it can still take up to 40 minutes for the internet to work.

Router configuration

  1. Reset the router to factory settings (can be skipped with most new routers)
  2. Connect your device with the router. The wifi password can be found on the bottom of the router
  3. Go to
  4. Log in using Username: admin, Password: admin
  5. Start the quick setup guide
  6. Choose the following options: Router Mode, Dynamic IP
  7. Close the Guide


  1. Reset the router to factory settings (can be skipped with most new routers)
  2. Connect your device to the router. The router automatically creates open wifi with the routers model name.
  3. Go to
  4. The quick setup guide should start automatically, if it doesn’t click the “Quick Internet Setup” button in the top left
  5. Choose the following settings: Router Mode, Dynamic IP
  6. Close the guide


Attention don’t connect your fritzbox to the internet until you’re done configuring it. If you connect it beforehand you will disturb the network and your port is gonna get locked and has to be activated again. Also with these routers, configuration varies widely from model to model. So you can always get an appointment with one of the network-tutors should this guide not work.

  1. Reset the router to factory settings (can be skipped with most new routers)
  2. Connect your device with the router
  3. Go to Log in if necessary (the password can be found on the bottom of the router).
  4. Go to System -> View and tick the box for “advanced settings” and then click “apply”.
  5. Go to Internet -> “Account information” and change the connection settings:
    1. connect to internet via LAN 1
    2. connect to internet automatically (NAT with PPPoE or IP)
    3. no account information needed (IP)
    4. obtain IP address automatically (DHCP)
  6. click “apply”